Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Four + Three

Two excerpts and two questions today! I'd say it's because we're generous, but actually it's just because we were both unfortunately too busy yesterday to get on our laptops. Still, we're happy to bring you a double feature today.

We'll begin with our fifth and last quote, shall we?

"So while David attempts to use his brain for the first time in his life, we, Red, are gonna ride some goddamn camels."
- Jed

And a paragraph excerpt!

“Well, holy shit.” Jed grinned at him, not very nicely. “We actually agree on something. Sound the fucking trumpets.” Clambering out, he tossed Victor the keys. “Keep her runnin’, princess. And try not to impale yourself on the driveshaft. I know you’ve never seen anything that big before, but remember, she’s not purring for you.”
- Yet more Jed, to Victor

Aaand our two questions for the day.

3. What do Jed and Redford get to eat after they play basketball?

4. What is one of Jed's nicknames for Victor? (There's multiple correct answers for this one, Jed loves his nicknames.)

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