Thursday, 12 July 2012

Bloodlines, and More WIPs

Hello everyone! Robin here.

It's been a bit over a month since Blood in the Sand was released, and we've been graced with a really good reception to it. We're honestly touched at how much people like it, so to all our readers, thank you! We write for people like you.

As we've said before, writing Blood in the Sand, our second published novel, was the biggest learning experience that we've had so far. Blood Howl was a simple story, with an isolated plot and only two main characters--when we decided to pull back the curtain a little for Blood in the Sand, things got much more complicated.

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And even then, what we saw in Blood in the Sand is still very much the tip of the iceberg. We introduced how vampires work, but only in a very isolated context. We hinted that there's more to this world, much more. There's werewolves and wolves and half-bloods of every different shade.

So now, we're pleased to tell everyone that we've started work on Bloodlines, the third book in the series. We rejoin Jed and Redford a few months after the events in Cairo, only to throw them yet again into another conflict. Was Filtiarn representive of all wolves act? Do half-bloods have a community of their own? With all of these different supernatural groups, is there conflict? Those are things that we're going to start answering.

(But we're not going to give too much away just yet!)

Because we're busy little bees, Alex and I have also started work on our own, solo novels. Hey, we have spare time when our schedules don't match up, why not use it, right?

Since I get partner rights (which is awesome, I get to read things before they hit the shelves, hell yeah!), I'm damn excited for Alex to finish work on what's been titled After The End. It's the story of Quinn, a comic artist who is dealing the aftermath of losing the man he thought he was going to spend the rest of his life with. It's a story about the aftermath of loss, dealing with grief, learning how to move on - and how to deal with it when a new person comes into your life, one that very quickly grows close.

Mine is tentatively titled The Royal Road ("Dreams are the royal road to the unconscious."--Freud). Weston is a knight that slays dragons, a junior detective in a crime thriller, a swooning lover that speaks impeccable French. But only in his dreams. In real life, he designs mascot costumes and tries to write. Badly. Sidney is a misunderstood villian, a world famous mystery solver, and an equally world famous romantic lover. But only in Weston's dreams. In reality, Sidney is a productivity consultant at Weston's business, falling prey to rumors that he is a soulless leech who just wants to see their business fall. It's a story about impossible expectations, versus rumors, versus first impressions, versus reality.

And that's all for today! We'll continue to keep everybody updated as we keep writing.

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