Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Interviews and Reviews

More interviews and reviews!
"This book was brilliant.  It’s not your usual werewolf story and there are no instant mates or love."
MM Good Book Reviews Rates Blood Howl 4.5 Stars. They are fast becoming one of my favorite sites - they're lovely people, and they give honest reviews. It's really nice to get a bit of constructive criticism with reviews.

"Blood Howl was something of an isolationist story. It’s like the half-open door, it was always intended to be very much the first of a series. Everything that we introduced about the greater world was a shadow on the wall of the cave, not fully explained, because neither of the main characters were in a position to do so. In the next book, we kick that door wide open, and will continue kicking various other doors down in books to follow."
It's Raining Men: Interview. This was a fun interview to do - thanks to Ike for making this possible! Here we babble about how we started writing, how we co-wrote, and our thoughts on the fact that there needs to be more gay fiction on bookshelves. We also posted a bit of a teaser from the next book in the series!

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