Friday, 2 September 2011


Because I am on the cutting edge of all things pop, snap, and crackle culture, today I signed up for Goodreads.  Which is just a rabbit hole for anyone who likes books, really.  I can already see what my new time sink is going to be.

Imagine my amazement, though, when I get myself set up and find that Blood Howl already has a page.  Not only that, but 26 people have expressed some kind of interest in it so far.  Would you think less of me if I said I teared up a little?  Writing a book has been my dream since I dropped that one about a hobbit coming to whisk me off to Middle Earth.  And through this entire process - the countless rounds of editing, sleepless nights going over and over scenes to try and make them perfect, approving our cover, seeing it up on the Dreamspinner Press site - I don't think the reality had truly set in until that moment.

People are going to read this book.  More than that, even before it's been published, even before there are any reviews hinting at whether this is worth their time or not, even though it's from two unknown authors, people are interested in this book.

It's an incredible feeling.  And it just makes me want to keep writing, to keep exploring these characters and all the other worlds and stories Robin and I have brewing between us.  It makes me realize that this is what I want to do, until my fingers no longer can punch the keys or hold a pen.

So thank you, Goodreads members.  If any of you ever see this, ever read this, thank you.  And I sincerely hope you enjoy the book even half as much as Robin and I have loved writing it.  These characters are ones we care about very much and I am truly excited to get to share them.

I hope that everyone checks out that awesome site, by the way.  It really is quite fun and a great way to find new reading material.  And if, by chance, you want to jot down your thoughts about Blood Howl, well, it's a mighty fine place to do so.

We only have ten days left to release.  Someone hold me, please.


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