Saturday, 10 September 2011

Blood Howl Giveaway! And the sixth excerpt.

Today, we’re happy to announce we’re doing a free e-book giveaway! 

In the spirit of urban fantasy, we want you to give us your scariest stories. Ever had a brush with the supernatural? Got a local urban legend? Leave them in the comments, and we will be picking our favorite — and whoever gives us the best spooky story will win a free e-book copy of Blood Howl.

The contest starts right now and lasts until 11:59pm on Wednesday, 9/14/11.  So think of something to give us chills and leave it below!

Also, we are now two days away from Blood Howl’s release date, and we wanted to give you a special treat for this last excerpt.

This one might be less than work appropriate...

In which Redford and Jed practice water conservation in the shower:

Arousal ran hot through his veins, urging him to touch more, to relearn the swoop of Redford’s lips, the curve of his jaw. They pressed together under the downpour of water, bodies tightly intertwined, hands grasping, breaths caught in moans. Redford’s fingers found Jed’s hardening cock, wrapping around taut skin, and Jed gasped, the sound lost in Redford’s mouth. His own hand closed around Redford’s dick, thumb tracing across the slit. Redford murmured something against Jed’s lips before he cut the words off, tightening his fingers around his cock instead, stroking him with slow, almost lazy movements of his hand. 


  1. Here's a spooky little tale for you...

    My dad was stationed in Belgium during World War II. One night he dreamed that he was in a Jeep, driving down a long straight road into a town square. On the right side of the town square, a tank was burning.

    Six months later, as his unit moved from one location to another, they drove down a long straight road into a town square... where a burned-out tank sat, just as he had dreamed, on the right side of the square.


  2. A friend of mine was in a terrible car accident in midwinter and nearly lost his leg. Through a haze of pain he saw an old man who cradled his head, covering him with a jacket.

    "Help is on the way," the man said. He quoted scripture and remained until the paramedics arrived. During this time my freind said he felt no pain.

    The paramedics asked for details about the wreck, and my friend said, "Ask the old man."

    They replied, "What old man?"

    He looked down and the jacket was gone. Only then did he notice the blood, the agony slamming back into him from his mangeled calf.

    Ten year later this friend and I were driving during the Christmas holidays, my son sleeping in the back seat. A car slammed into us. Within seconds an old man appeared at the window. "Are you okay?" he asked.

    Stunned, we nod. The man gestures to the back seat where my son is crying. "Mama," he said, "I think someone needs a hug."

    I looked into the back seat, and when I turned back around the old man was gone. My friend was as white as a sheet. At first I thought he might be hurt, until he said, "That was the same old man."

  3. A little more than a week ago one of my dogs, Heidi, passed away.

    The next evening I was sitting at my computer, another dog, Phoenix, sleeping behind my chair.

    I heard nails clicking on the hardwood floor and a huff, which was the sounds Heidi always made. I turned around half expecting to see her, then thinking it was just Phoenix or my imagination.

    Phoenix was still laying on the floor, but he was awake and looking at the same place I'd heard the noises come from. He hadn't moved, but had obviously heard the same thing I had.

  4. In the apartment we lived in before we moved, Eth and I had some odd visitor that randomly flushed our toilet in the middle of the night. :) Skeeeeery!

    And we had a carnivorous squirrel that lived in the backyard of Eth's house and attacked and ate grown birds. freaky!

  5. Ok, so I have a supernatural story that's kind of an urban legend where I live, which is St. Louis, Missouri.

    The incident they based the movie The Exorcist on took place. The boy's main exorcism took place at the Alexian Brother's Hospital. Evidently it was a really long and brutal and evidently the room afterwards was a mess. Once the exorcism was done they moved the boy out of the room and locked it.

    The room was never opened again for the entire time the hospital stood. Nurses reported weird things seemed to happen when they went by it. At the time the hospital was torn down, supposed the construction crew that was to do the demolition, as they did the final walk through saw a dark shape dart of the room before the demolition.

    The hospital site is now the parking lot of the new Alexian Brothers Hospital, and at the area where the room had been, the asphalt is always cracked.

  6. Ok I have a few....the first one not so scary bit spooky.... My dad bought an old house and found a clock in it he took it to acrestorers who said there was nothing wrong with it, it should still work. The clock stated there for years never working till he took the house back to it original brick work and rebuilt the fireplace from that day the clock started ticking and has worked ever since. But he occasionally looses cans of larger. He think a woman haunts the house and tells him he's had enough. (he lives alone)

    The second is of an abbey near where I live it was always the source of stories. The faceless monk. The tomb stone that reveals a face and the grey lady I don't know if any are true but there are many that believe and the few times I have been there at night it has given me the creeps.

    My sister has also heard soneo e talking to her baby on the intercom thing she has. The voice is very clear and often singing lullabies. The voice is male. I won't stay there. But then I'm a proper scaredy cat .

    Sorry about the spelling abit tipsy

  7. what a great idea. I've been part of several ghost hunting groups, lived in haunted houses and my theatre in college was so haunted and I was so well known for communicating with them that I was tapped to student teach parts of the parapsychology class.

    In that theatre, there was something that haunted the old box office tucked under the steps. (now, far more experienced than I was at 19, i'm thinking it was something more sinister than a ghost). It was not uncommon for actresses to be tripped on the stairs, to feel like they were pushed, pulled or scratched often with visible hand shaped bruising or scratching.

    It's worth noting that the theatre was an old stable in the Civil War used to store weapons and body overflow from the morgue which is where my sorority room was but that's a story for another time.

  8. (Posted on behalf of M. M. Santos, sent via email)

    This happened when I was 11. My friends and I liked a host of a children's program called Xuxa. We bought everything she launched: her records, clothes etc.. That year she released a doll like her and we naturally beg our mothers to buy.
    A few months after the release of the doll, began circulating a rumor that Xuxa had made a pact with the devil to achieve the success she had and if you touch her recordon the contrary it you could hear to the pact. We tried it and we can only scratch the disc.
    Later came another rumor that the doll came to life at midnight and scratched a child. After that I was afraid to sleep with the doll and I put her on top of the closet. This went on for one week until one day I went to sleep and I woke up at dawn with one thing in my bed. When I turned on the light to see what it was, it was the doll and her eyes were red. I ran to my parents' bedroom and the next day the doll was thrown in the trash.