Saturday, 24 September 2011

Drug Addled Writings

Well, since I'm popping Vicodin like an extra on House (thanks to two very rude wisdom teeth that had the bad grace to grow in crooked and funky), writing has slowed significantly here in the Saxon-Kidwell household.  Never fear, though, we are still deep in the throes of Blood Howl's sequel.  Neither rain nor snow nor pain medication loopiness will keep us from our appointed task.

It does lend to some interesting scenes, though.

(Slight spoilers ahead, maybe, kind of.  If you haven't read Blood Howl.  Which, if you haven't, what's stopping you?  ARe has us featured on the front page, AND we're on sale.  Come on, that's like kismet if I ever heard of it.  Practically begging you to buy it and curl up with a nice cup of tea and/or whiskey, depending on your preferences.  In any case, here's the scene that never will be, along with a little something for my friend Tj Klune.)

Hands reached out for him, the blonde shoving David against the wall. Behind him, the other vampires lined up, fangs bared, fairly shaking with barely restrained aggression. David snorted, trying to sound dismissive. “What is this, a dance off?” he sneered. “Sorry, twinkle-toes, I forgot my tap shoes at home.”

The vampire's elegant brow arched. "Dance off?" Now they were talking, apparently, because with a quick nod, music began to play. The fanged smile that flashed David's way was anything but pleasant, though it would score a solid ten for presentation. "Never challenge a vampire to a dance off, cow eater. We invented krumping, and we have no qualms about using our skills to crush little traitors like you."


I think we might keep the first paragraph, though. Just because I like calling people 'twinkle-toes'.


  1. Just finished Blood Howl and really enjoyed it :) Looking forward to the sequel - please tell me it's going to be David and Victor's story??

  2. I love Blood Howl and looking forward to the next.I will be one of the first to but it. Go David!

  3. Aw, thanks for the feedback, oddballlucy and FoxyMary! It really is fun to hear that people enjoyed the characters and the story. We're not saying much yet about the next book in the series, but I can assure you, David and Victor show up and you'll see a lot more about their relationship. It's slightly more complex than we saw in Blood Howl and it's been incredibly fun to write.

    Watch this blog, though, because we're going to be talking a lot about it in the coming weeks! <3