Sunday, 4 September 2011

Excerpt One - Plus An Upcoming Give-Away!

As we are now one week away from the release of Blood Howl, we've decided to post a small excerpt a day for the next six days.

Keep watching this blog, because we're going to be doing a give-away contest, where you could win a free E-book copy of Blood Howl!

Excerpt One:

In which Redford needs to go shopping:

“Chains,” he started. “Thick ones. Several locks. A muzzle. An iron hoop to attach to the wall, for the chains.” Redford dried the next dish, hoping that he wouldn’t drop it with the shaking in his hands. He’d never talked about this with anyone before. “We’ll need to go to a hardware store and a pet store.”

Quiet, Jed carefully set the last plate back into the sink, hands braced on the metal sides while he blew out a slow breath. “Didn’t take you for the kinky kind, sweetheart,” he murmured, one corner of his lips turning up, though without the usual heat. Taking the towel from Redford, slowly drawing it through Red’s fingers as he pulled it away, Jed held his eyes with a scary kind of intensity. “That what your grandma used to do?” he whispered. “Tie you down before she traipsed off to her roses and her fucking doilies?”

Redford got the feeling that if Jed wasn’t whispering, he’d be shouting. Hunching his shoulders, Redford tried to remind himself that Jed wasn’t angry at him. At least, he really hoped he wasn’t.

“It was safer that way,” Redford replied, and he wasn’t entirely sure why Jed seemed insulted. “She was keeping herself and everybody else safe.”